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Journaling – how I do it, and why.

Sometimes I write lots, other times, barely a page. I always write, every day. It could be how I feel, my worries, or venting. Anything that comes to mind. I don’t vet what I write, or censor it in any way. I cover up what I don’t want to be seen, as really, it’s for my own pleasure that I write.

I don’t pay attention to spelling, preferring the words to be allowed to flow. Punctuation isn’t totally necessary, unless you can’t understand the sentence without it.

I put paint down, as per Ali Brown’s video here : https://youtu.be/r_psnVv6xQ8

This helps me to write on the page. I add tip ins (bits of paper, added to the edges, on the page or in between them) if I wish, and washi tape to the edges.

Why do I do it?

Sometimes you just need to let out what’s inside. You gotta “feel the feels” and dump all the rubbish and chatter from your mind, and in so doing , you can potentially learn much about yourself. I’ve certainly learned much more about what makes me tick, what I value and how I’m feeling, perhaps in regards to a Situation etc.

Anyone can journal. You don’t have to be an artist, writer or anything. You just need a pen, a notebook and the desire to write your thoughts out. It’s very healing and brings peace, in my own experience.

It’s worth a try.

Plopping paint on pages

Added washi

Tip in : courtesy of Carla Divine of heart journal magazine

The complete spread:

Do let me know if you a inspired to try! You don’t have to share what you write! Any questions? Just ask!

Kelly Rae Roberts inspired-Wear your Joy

I have worn what I feel comfortable in. When I started work, I wore work clothes- blouses and skirts etc. Now I work for myself, I tend to wear a smart top and trousers, and a jacket when I’m doing church services.

I used to look at clothes in charity shops and long to wear them, because they were bright, colourful and “hippy”. I wear bright colours, but not in the way I’d like to…..until I saw kellyraeroberts.com. She wears what makes her happy. In fact she has a whole course on the subject called “wear your joy”.

Since the course price isn’t currently within my price range, I took what I’ve gleaned from my own feelings and wishes.

For me, wearing my joy is being authentic in the way I look, and not worrying what people think about my clothing choices. If I want to wear my kooky green dress, or a long skirt , then I wear them. It makes me happy! And why shouldn’t you be happy?

I no longer get my hair cut. Everyone prefers my hair short, but I don’t. As much as I hate fiddling with my hair, I’m growing it, because I feel I’m no longer having to get it cut, and styled. I have come to realise I’M my style! I don’t have to look a certain way for others, but for me! I have been living authentically since I got ill with cancer. I realised joy comes in the little things.

My husband stopped getting his hair trimmed. He now has a beard, is more relaxed, wears comfortable clothes and is so much happier for following his own way. He still dresses a certain way for certain things ( like work — he is a children’s entertainer, which means dressing “differently” in the first place!) . Even so, he is becoming more authentic, his actions are no longer dictated entirely by society, and mine aren’t either.

I love living in joy – it’s our natural birthright!

Here’s my kooky green dress:

I’m going to be showing more of my joyful clothing in this blog. To find out more about the beautiful Kelly Rae Roberts go here KRR