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Day 25 – google a word, write about the 11th image

i Googled the word “tarot”

this is the screenshot :


The 11th image shows a plethora of different tarot cards.

i love tarot, it is a mainstay of my life. It is a Friend and ally, a sounding board and an advisor in my life.

I love that now you can get many different types of tarot- Angels, cats, dogs, and even Alice in wonderland themed cards! There’s something for everyone:)

i love their symbolism and their calmness and their directness when asked a clear and concise question (and by the way, a clear question is something wonderful!).

its sad they get a bad rap, when actually, they are pictures on card, really! They’re only scary if you apportion scaryness to them. They’re about as evil as my slippers:)

its great to get such a fantastic prompt. Why don’t you try this exercise too? I’d love to know how it went!

Day #4 -write about someone who inspires you

Initially, I thought of people I know for this post. I’m surrounded by inspiring people- my husband, my friends Sasha, Kelly and Yvonne an Sheila. Then I thought about famous people like Mother Teresa, but although she’s a wonderful example of humanity I don’t know enough of her to say a whole thing about her.

So, i thought I’d write about someone who has impacted my life. I would say the person who inspires me (apart from those mentions above) is Tamara Laporte of .wwwWillowing.org -Not for her artistry, but for the way she lifts others up, supports them and guides others with kind words and a big heart. She manages all this and runs a business, and has a young family too. If I could help others in such a way, and with such kindness, even a little bit, then my job on this Earth would be done.