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Day 27 – Cheryl’s choice (deviation from the challenge post) what would I do with a lottery win?

well, although today’s challenge wasn’t a hard one, I actually would rather not write about it!

So – what would I do if I won the lottery? –

Just for fun – because we need some fun in our lives 🙂

For a start, We would move to a bigger house, were we could concentrate on our hobbies.

I would treat myself to an IPad Pro, and an Apple Pencil 😜 – they’re so expensive as to be prohibitive!

I would buy new clothes. Ones that fit and that I love.

I’d get a personal trainer.

I’d take art courses, lots of them!

But….money can’t buy you happiness, but it helps!

Ive enjoyed my trip into fantasy with this post 🙂

what would you do if you won the lottery?