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Day 27 – Cheryl’s choice (deviation from the challenge post) what would I do with a lottery win?

well, although today’s challenge wasn’t a hard one, I actually would rather not write about it!

So – what would I do if I won the lottery? –

Just for fun – because we need some fun in our lives 🙂

For a start, We would move to a bigger house, were we could concentrate on our hobbies.

I would treat myself to an IPad Pro, and an Apple Pencil 😜 – they’re so expensive as to be prohibitive!

I would buy new clothes. Ones that fit and that I love.

I’d get a personal trainer.

I’d take art courses, lots of them!

But….money can’t buy you happiness, but it helps!

Ive enjoyed my trip into fantasy with this post 🙂

what would you do if you won the lottery?



Day 25 – google a word, write about the 11th image

i Googled the word “tarot”

this is the screenshot :


The 11th image shows a plethora of different tarot cards.

i love tarot, it is a mainstay of my life. It is a Friend and ally, a sounding board and an advisor in my life.

I love that now you can get many different types of tarot- Angels, cats, dogs, and even Alice in wonderland themed cards! There’s something for everyone:)

i love their symbolism and their calmness and their directness when asked a clear and concise question (and by the way, a clear question is something wonderful!).

its sad they get a bad rap, when actually, they are pictures on card, really! They’re only scary if you apportion scaryness to them. They’re about as evil as my slippers:)

its great to get such a fantastic prompt. Why don’t you try this exercise too? I’d love to know how it went!

3 lessons you want your children to learn from you

My son is called Myran, and I’m beyond proud of his achievements.

The three lessons I’d like Myran to learn from me are:

Whatever others think of you is there business, not yours. If people think your hair is too long, or other thing (whatever it is!) then hey ho, that’s their problem. It’s your life, no one can tell you what to do, the buck stops with you!

Respect yourself!

Be honest with yourself, love yourself, and be kind. Yes I know that’s 5 things!

All of them are important you know!

Day 18 challenge – 30 facts about me.

I’ll spare y’all- I won’t do 30

I don’t like tomatoes 🍅

I can’t swim 🏊‍♂️

I can type fast!

I’m a bit of a geek 🤓

I’m learning to play chess

I’m fascinated by divination of all kinds

My favourite food is egg or rice. I could live exclusively on eggs and rice (not that it’s a good idea!)

I used to collect chicken ornaments (and frogs too but they both got out of hand! )

I don’t eat fish 🐟

I’m trying to go paperless, but I’m failing!

My favourite colour is Magenta

I’m powered by tea.

I love stationary 📒📌📓📋📇

I love drawing faces –

I’m dyscalculic (I can’t add up, numbers are like foreign language to me)

Well, I think that’s enough trivia about me!

What interesting fact can you share?

Day #3- write your 3 pet peeves

Ooooooh well here are my pet peeves.

1 – I really don’t like it when checkout people just throw my shopping at me to pack. It’s like they’re on a marathon! It really Annoys me, and I ask them to slow down, or I slow! Really irritating lol!

2 – music in shops! It’s so loud sometimes I can’t hear myself think. It’s even harder when I’m considering what to buy ! 🙂

Picture from Pixabay

3 – being asked if my food is ok when I’m in a restaurant – I’ve invariably got a mouthful of food , or I’m in the middle of a conversation. I’d let you know if something was wrong 😁

What are your pet peeves?