Day 22 – 10 songs on shuffle

Here’s my first 10 songs on shuffle. It’s made quite an eclectic collection!

Angel meditation- Tony Stockwell

Oh holy night – Ali Brown

Running up that hill – Kate Bush

My sweet lady – John Denver

Inner light- Jay Chattaway

Freek! – George Michael

The only way is up – Yazz

Only You- Yazoo

There is a dream Denean

3 lessons you want your children to learn from you

My son is called Myran, and I’m beyond proud of his achievements.

The three lessons I’d like Myran to learn from me are:

Whatever others think of you is there business, not yours. If people think your hair is too long, or other thing (whatever it is!) then hey ho, that’s their problem. It’s your life, no one can tell you what to do, the buck stops with you!

Respect yourself!

Be honest with yourself, love yourself, and be kind. Yes I know that’s 5 things!

All of them are important you know!

Day 18 challenge – 30 facts about me.

I’ll spare y’all- I won’t do 30

I don’t like tomatoes 🍅

I can’t swim 🏊‍♂️

I can type fast!

I’m a bit of a geek 🤓

I’m learning to play chess

I’m fascinated by divination of all kinds

My favourite food is egg or rice. I could live exclusively on eggs and rice (not that it’s a good idea!)

I used to collect chicken ornaments (and frogs too but they both got out of hand! )

I don’t eat fish 🐟

I’m trying to go paperless, but I’m failing!

My favourite colour is Magenta

I’m powered by tea.

I love stationary 📒📌📓📋📇

I love drawing faces –

I’m dyscalculic (I can’t add up, numbers are like foreign language to me)

Well, I think that’s enough trivia about me!

What interesting fact can you share?

Day 17 – my Zodiac sign & it’s accuracy.

I’m a Scorpio, and yes, it does seem accurate to me.

It’s said to be the most passionate and secretive sign of the zodiac. I wouldn’t know about passionate, but I certainly don’t blab my life about. I keep how I feel to myself – apart from my journal!

It is also said that we Scorpios are intuitive . Well, I’m a clairvoyant medium and tarot reader, so, that could be true.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto. It’s takes 246 years to revolve around the sun, so we are determined and can be cold (pluto has ice, so can scorpions!) .

They often like darker clothes, and choose their friends carefully. If they don’t get along with people, the people usually know!

So, yes, being a Scorpio suits me, and I do tend to be a typical Scorpio!

Do you think your starsign fits you? I’d love to know!

Day 14 – list your favourite movies you never get tired of watching

I really don’t watch many films, mainly because i cant sit still long enough and I get bored!

So this will be a short list, lol!

In no order of preference –

Terminator (the original one) – just love the story, and effects.

The Vampire Lestat – music and story. effects rubbish! 🙂

I robot – brilliant story line, although I’m petrified of robots!!! (seriously)

Frozen – great story line and totally immersive escapism.


Days #12 &#13 – Blessings/excitement

Ooops I didn’t post yesterday’s challenge!

So, yesterday was 5 Blessings:

1. My husband Reg, who is always a blessing!

2. My friends. You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. My friends are my family, and yesterday I had such a funny, yet healing conversation with my friend Sasha on what’s app , that it reminded me of the blessing of friendship.

3. The internet. Without it I’d be very lonely. It’s both a curse and a blessing- there are days that I wish it had never been invented, because it can be invasive (if you let it!) but without it I’d be lost. A whole world lives inside my iPad 🙂

4. Bananas. Yes, really! I’ve had trouble eating lately, but I can eat bananas. I’m not over fond, but at least I can eat them, it’s saved all manner of problems! 🍌🍌🍌

5. My little doggie. He really is a beautiful soul, and teaches me so much about life.

Day #13 – what excites you at the moment ?

Well, all of the stuff that excites me right now, I don’t want to air publicly.

Life excites me right now. There was a time when it didn’t.

Now I have found art, and meaning to life, and I explore different avenues of thought, I journal, I see life in colour. What’s not to be excited about?

Day 11 – “What if”

Today, the challenge asks me to write… ‘What if’…

I find it hard to write about “What if” because, really, so many factors are involved in any one thing. Besides, what done is done.

so – Here is my reply :

que sera sera

what will be, will be. No more, no less.

Day #10 – Write about something you feel strongly.

Ok, I’ve decided to do this as an Open Letter,

So, dear World Leaders

I want to write to you today about war.

War is a waste of life, resources and energy.

Just STOP.

Can’t we live in peace? Are things that bad that one must kill another?

We are all human. Everyone that dies as a consequence of war is someone’s child.

What are we fighting for?

It’s so sad that the human race can’t put hate and issues aside, and put love first.

I believe there’s a better way, don’t you?

Day #9 – post some words of wisdom that speak to you

Robin Williams is one of my heroes, because I could relate to him, and I like the way he thought and the depth of the films he made. He left a great legacy, not only in films, but also in quotes.

Here are two that really speak to me.

I’ve known people who make me feel like this, and some still do.

I’ve been there, and I do struggle with worth, so I get this, in my very soul.

What quotes speak to you?