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Day #5 – list 5 places I’d like to visit

Here’s my 5 places. Most are fantasy as I don’t expect to ever get there due to the air travel time!

Colorado- it looks so beautiful in every picture I’ve ever seen!

Portland, Oregon. – most of the artists I am inspired by and love seem to live here! I just love the idea of the art community here. I wish I could find something similar where I live!

Cornwall- simply because it seems magical.

New York, New York. I just would like to see the city that never sleeps, and hear the accents and see the sights!

Battlefield Tour- Belgium – I want to go here because I think everyone needs to go, to see the futility of war. To go is to honour those who gave their lives for us.

Dode Church, Gravesend

Dode Church

Dode Church

This is a really old church that I’ve wanted to go to forever! It just sounds wonderful to me. There’s no picture because I can’t find a copyright free one!

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Where would you like to go? Let me know in the comments and please consider following my blog:)