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What ive been doing :)

ive been mega busy with work. Its been “head down and get on with it” but I managed to sit for a moment and do a few things:


I plopped paint on my journal pages (doesn’t take too long, and its VERY relaxing) this is inspired by Ali Brown .

I have been practicing drawing mandalas. This was meant to be a colour wheel but the colours are wrong, because my dyslexic head wont put them in the right place! it might have helped if i had done this in one sitting – i did it in several because i’ve been so busy!IMG_2632

So, ive not been unproductive!

I got new books:

and now I will be working through them. I started the Great Round that Susanne Fincher talks about in her book, and Kathryn has taken the course in. Its very deep. Ive done the first stage, and the second, about bliss is hard, because it connects to your birth, and im finding that hard.

Have you done the great round? have you any advice to offer?

So, its back to work I go. 🙂 i love it though, and there’s lots coming up next year that is really great in the work dept. 🙂

This post, in essence, does show that even when you are really busy, it helps to do something, like plop paint. It brings calm to otherwise busy time. 🙂 I recommend it! 🙂