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Overwhelmed? Here’s some help:


I shuffle to my desk. Its way before 9am.

Ive been awake for hours, trying to sort my brain out.

I’m tired!

So, i’ve worked out that I am basically overwhelmed.

So, I decided to write about it. Why? because I am probably not the only one that feels like this.

I have to work. I LOVE my job!

BUT working for yourself and basically based online means you are forever available.

Facebook seems overwhelming

Messenger, with all its beeps and bings at inappropriate times (some of them HIGHLY inappropriate times!)

A constant stream of information, and the need to get off Social Media but the inability to do so because it is my job!

So, where do I go from here?

This is what has worked for me:

I meditate ( I use Insight Timer)

I limit my time on social media.

I limit my contact with those around me (so I can work, basically!)

I get outside. Air is GREAT!

I speak to real people, in person. Yes, I know, unheard of! 🙂

I turn off my phone, and don’t answer messages after a certain time. I have a life too.

I have learned Social Media isn’t the enemy, but the way I use it COULD be!

I limit what I watch on TV (not that I watch much)

I excercise – we have bought an ancient cross trainer!

How do you cope with overwhelm?? Your answers may help others.

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