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Boho Berry June challenge

I follow Boho Berry on instagram, and she has a June challenge :

So, I thought I’d share it on here as well as doing it on Instagram:)

1: Hello I’m….

Pleased to meet you:) I’m cheryl, and I’m a professional card reader and my hobbies are art (in many forms!) and paperless planning. I’m married with 1 son and a dog. My husband is a children’s entertainer.

I look forward to seeing your introduction if you follow this challenge.

April’s best blogs – a look at blogs I enjoyed last month

I do follow a lot of people, and the subjects in the blogs I follow are many and varied.

Here’s the ones I’ve enjoyed the most this last month, and I’ll be doing another post with more later, I didn’t want to swamp this post with a giant list!

First of all, we have my friend Sasha, who’s blog often reveals startling truths in an easy manner.

Take a look here

Then we have Didi’s Art Design

This blog is mainly about Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. We would do well to emulate him, and Didi shows us how much we are connected to each other. I really do treasure the writing of this blog!

Aria Bella – a beautiful blog of upliftment , encouragement and spirituality

Then we have the thoughtful posts from Sisir Ghosh. A very worthwhile read, and the writer tries to help us in many ways.

And finally, Daily Doodle from PMuink. These doodles are beautiful, highly stylised and simple. They really are stunning and I own one of her works.

Day 30 – goal for next 30 da

Well, this is rather well timed. It’s the end of the blog challenge, and I’m starting my month’s sabbatical from work.

My goal, therefore, is to rest and recoup. Im looking forward to doing art, colouring, reading going out, and generally chilling. I’m even thinking about a digital detox! Though I’ll still be doing tarot card of the day, for my page 🙂

I’ve never taken a whole month off, and it feels ‘naughty ‘ or ‘wrong ‘ to do it, which, is perhaps a sign that I need a breather!

Here’s to a calm May 🙂

Picture from

Day 28 – post 5 things that make you laugh out loud


I’ve really enjoyed researching this post. I’ve laughed till I cried!

So here we have number 1:

These were very popular when the internet first got going:

Number 2 : this card makes me laugh because I just think this card (which often looks grim in other decks) is funny because the gummy bear is deflated. I think I might have a warped sense of humour!

Number 3:

I’m a Trekkie and this reminds me of my son!

Number 4:

the muppets!


Number 5

My husband – this particular routine makes me laugh- and I love the laugh of the children!


Mine turtle!

My friend Sasha introduced me to this in a recent, hilarious conversation:

The funnier thing is that I have only just realised the “mine” in “mine turtle ” isn’t a term of endearment, but a description. Lol!

Day 26 -Area of my life I’d like to improve


I’d love to improve my diet. I’m not the best at cooking (my husband cooks!) and I suppose I’m a fussy eater.

I’ll eat anything quick and easy, like a bowl of cereal instead of dinner, or a sandwich in favour of something else.

I’d love to say I eat fresh fruit daily, or eat veggies or something. In truth I really don’t like many vegetables, and there’s not a lot of fruit I can eat.


Another area of my life that is in dire need of an overhaul is my physical health. I would like to be fitter or at least enjoy exercise! We got a body training machine, but it’s cumbersome and involves an exercise bike. I can’t sit on the seat for health reasons, so that’s a bit redundant lol! I’d love a treadmill, or even a game that’s physical. Perhaps I’m just lazy (I most definitely am) .

What areas of your life do you want to improve?

Day 25 – google a word, write about the 11th image

i Googled the word “tarot”

this is the screenshot :


The 11th image shows a plethora of different tarot cards.

i love tarot, it is a mainstay of my life. It is a Friend and ally, a sounding board and an advisor in my life.

I love that now you can get many different types of tarot- Angels, cats, dogs, and even Alice in wonderland themed cards! There’s something for everyone:)

i love their symbolism and their calmness and their directness when asked a clear and concise question (and by the way, a clear question is something wonderful!).

its sad they get a bad rap, when actually, they are pictures on card, really! They’re only scary if you apportion scaryness to them. They’re about as evil as my slippers:)

its great to get such a fantastic prompt. Why don’t you try this exercise too? I’d love to know how it went!

Day 18 challenge – 30 facts about me.

I’ll spare y’all- I won’t do 30

I don’t like tomatoes 🍅

I can’t swim 🏊‍♂️

I can type fast!

I’m a bit of a geek 🤓

I’m learning to play chess

I’m fascinated by divination of all kinds

My favourite food is egg or rice. I could live exclusively on eggs and rice (not that it’s a good idea!)

I used to collect chicken ornaments (and frogs too but they both got out of hand! )

I don’t eat fish 🐟

I’m trying to go paperless, but I’m failing!

My favourite colour is Magenta

I’m powered by tea.

I love stationary 📒📌📓📋📇

I love drawing faces –

I’m dyscalculic (I can’t add up, numbers are like foreign language to me)

Well, I think that’s enough trivia about me!

What interesting fact can you share?