April’s best blogs – a look at blogs I enjoyed last month

I do follow a lot of people, and the subjects in the blogs I follow are many and varied.

Here’s the ones I’ve enjoyed the most this last month, and I’ll be doing another post with more later, I didn’t want to swamp this post with a giant list!

First of all, we have my friend Sasha, who’s blog often reveals startling truths in an easy manner.

Take a look here

Then we have Didi’s Art Design

This blog is mainly about Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. We would do well to emulate him, and Didi shows us how much we are connected to each other. I really do treasure the writing of this blog!

Aria Bella – a beautiful blog of upliftment , encouragement and spirituality

Then we have the thoughtful posts from Sisir Ghosh. A very worthwhile read, and the writer tries to help us in many ways.

And finally, Daily Doodle from PMuink. These doodles are beautiful, highly stylised and simple. They really are stunning and I own one of her works.

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