Day 30 – goal for next 30 da

Well, this is rather well timed. It’s the end of the blog challenge, and I’m starting my month’s sabbatical from work.

My goal, therefore, is to rest and recoup. Im looking forward to doing art, colouring, reading going out, and generally chilling. I’m even thinking about a digital detox! Though I’ll still be doing tarot card of the day, for my page 🙂

I’ve never taken a whole month off, and it feels ‘naughty ‘ or ‘wrong ‘ to do it, which, is perhaps a sign that I need a breather!

Here’s to a calm May 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Day 30 – goal for next 30 da

  1. Well all I can say is be naughty ( after all the monkey is naughty .) We cant turn back time but we have memories of our childhood so relive the naughty times have fun make people laugh , we went away once only camping we got asked for the car reg I said I dont know we have only just stolen the car , the look on there face, another time I said to Rob do you think our little boy will be OK left alone , we were given a look of I am going to ring social services then I said he should be OK as he is 35.So do something silly make people laugh but just enjoy whatever you do afterall we only have one life on this earth so remenber to leave your foot prints for people to follow ,XXXX

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