Day 28 – post 5 things that make you laugh out loud


I’ve really enjoyed researching this post. I’ve laughed till I cried!

So here we have number 1:

These were very popular when the internet first got going:

Number 2 : this card makes me laugh because I just think this card (which often looks grim in other decks) is funny because the gummy bear is deflated. I think I might have a warped sense of humour!

Number 3:

I’m a Trekkie and this reminds me of my son!

Number 4:

the muppets!


Number 5

My husband – this particular routine makes me laugh- and I love the laugh of the children!


Mine turtle!

My friend Sasha introduced me to this in a recent, hilarious conversation:

The funnier thing is that I have only just realised the “mine” in “mine turtle ” isn’t a term of endearment, but a description. Lol!

3 thoughts on “Day 28 – post 5 things that make you laugh out loud

  1. 1St thing that makes me laugh is Me , I laugh at myself before anybody else does .
    2nd thing My grandson he comes out with some stupid things that are funny but they are not ment to be .
    3rd thing My customers , I was once asked if I was next door I looked at then and said no I am here they left the shop then came back with a smile on there face .
    4th thing I lost my brother 15 years ago he was a bit of a Jack the lad , He stole a car that had already been stolen ,That makes me smille on bad days .
    5th thing , That is my mother she gave my marriage 6 months 46 this year with the first husband , But a girl can look cant she .

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