Day 26 -Area of my life I’d like to improve


I’d love to improve my diet. I’m not the best at cooking (my husband cooks!) and I suppose I’m a fussy eater.

I’ll eat anything quick and easy, like a bowl of cereal instead of dinner, or a sandwich in favour of something else.

I’d love to say I eat fresh fruit daily, or eat veggies or something. In truth I really don’t like many vegetables, and there’s not a lot of fruit I can eat.


Another area of my life that is in dire need of an overhaul is my physical health. I would like to be fitter or at least enjoy exercise! We got a body training machine, but it’s cumbersome and involves an exercise bike. I can’t sit on the seat for health reasons, so that’s a bit redundant lol! I’d love a treadmill, or even a game that’s physical. Perhaps I’m just lazy (I most definitely am) .

What areas of your life do you want to improve?

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